Benefit appeals

Housing Benefit appeals

Every time your benefit is calculated you will receive a decision in writing regarding your entitlement. You should check this letter carefully. If any of the information is wrong, missing or you are unsure about it, you should contact us as soon as possible.

If you think a decision we have made is wrong you can:

  • Ask us for an explanation which we can give you over the phone or in writing.
  • Ask us to look at our decision again. A request for us to look at your claim again must be in writing and signed by you. You should contact us within one month of the date of the letter. We will then send you a Statement of Reasons explaining how we made the decision
  • Make an appeal against the decision. This must be made in writing. If your request is later than the one month from the date of our original notification letter, you should give reasons why it is late.

To make an appeal, write to

Wandsworth Council
Benefits Service
PO Box 500
SW18 2PN

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