Council Tax Reduction

Apply for Council Tax Reduction

From 1 April 2013, Council Tax Benefit was replaced by localised schemes which in Wandsworth is called the Council Tax Reduction scheme.

Council Tax Reduction is to help people who are on a low income to pay part or all of their Council Tax.  

Apply for Council Tax Reduction

Apply online by completing the Council Tax Reduction claim form.


To qualify for Council Tax Reduction, you must be:

  • on a low income
  • responsible for the Council Tax payment on your address.

You can claim Council Tax Reduction whether you are working, unemployed, disabled, single, married etc. However there may be some exceptions for example:

  • You have come to live in the UK from abroad and have restrictions on your status
  • You are a full time student
  • You live in residential care or nursing home
  • You have savings over £16,000

The amount of reduction you get depends on your circumstances and how much Council Tax you pay. You can use our Council Tax Support calculator for an estimate.


You will be asked to provide documents to prove the information you have filled in on your form. There will be a checklist of evidence on the online form (page 35). More information:

Council Tax Reduction payment

If you qualify for Council Tax Reduction this will be paid into your Council Tax account reducing the amount you have to pay. Once your award is worked out we will send you a new Council Tax bill.

Your reduction will usually start from the Monday after we receive your claim form. Return your claim form as soon as possible, as any delay may result in you losing reduction.


To receive backdating you must be able to show Good Cause for not claiming earlier. Examples of when you may have 'good cause':
  • You did not immediately claim Housing or Council Tax Reduction after leaving hospital.
  • You were ill and could not make a claim and could not ask anyone to make the claim on your behalf.

The maximum period to backdate Council Tax Reduction award is 3 months. This is for both pensioners and working aged claimants.

Request backdating

Request backdating as soon as you can if you feel you have good cause for the delay in making your claim.

If you delay and you do not have good reason for the delay, we may not be able to pay you backdated benefit.

More information

More information on Council Tax Reduction and the local scheme:

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