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Help completing the change of circumstances form

Our online benefit forms are easy to use and the quickest way to get your change in circumstances to us.

You need to complete as much information as you can on the form, any missing data can delay your claim.

Tips for using the form

The answers you give at the start of the form will determine which questions you are asked later in the form - depending on your circumstances - so make sure you read through each question carefully before you complete.
    You can move forward and backwards through the pages at each stage using the Previous Image of Previous button and Next Next button buttons.
    You can print the pages using the print button: Image of Print button

      As you fill in the form areas will change colour according to the information you enter. You only have to complete the areas coloured red and blue. Image of a blue Yes/No checkbox

      You must enter dates using numbers separated by the / symbol only. For example, 01/04/2010

      You can check what you have entered for errors by clicking on the Show Errors button. Fields with errors in them will be highlighted. Use the Show Errors button to make sure your form is correct and error free before you submit it to us.

      You can move through the form by using the Shift and Tab keys. Pressing Tab will move you from one field to another. Pressing Shift and Tab will move backwards through the fields.

      When you have completed the form, click on the Submit button which will send it straight to us When you have submitted the form, follow the on-screen instructions on what to do next.

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