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Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is support towards paying your Council Tax. The Government requires us to protect the claiming process for pension age claimants so there are two CTR schemes in place:

  1. The prescribed scheme for Pensioners
  2. Wandsworth's Local CTR scheme for Working Age Claimants.

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Our Local Scheme 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 Wandsworth scheme includes the following points:

Under the 2016/17 CTR scheme Working Age households will be required to make a minimum contribution of 30% towards their Council Tax liability.

The following households will be protected from the minimum contribution:

  • Households that receive a Disability Premium within their CTR claim (for either claimant, partner or dependant child)
  • Households that receive a Carer’s Premium within their CTR claim (claimant or partner)
  • Households where the claimant or partner are within the ‘Support Group’ for ESA
  • Households receiving a Disability Banding Reduction from Council Tax
  • Households receiving either War Disablement Pension or War Widows Pension (either claimant or partner)
  • Households containing a dependent child aged under 3 years old

Other changes made to this year's scheme include:

  • Removal of the 'Weekly Minimum Award of £3',
  • Removal of the 'Band E equivalent Banding Cap'
  • Changing the taper within the CTR scheme to 20%.


We carried out consultation between 19 October and 12 December 2015. The consultation focused on the proposals to have a minimum contribution of 30% for working age claimants, removing the banding cap and minimum award amount, and introduction protection for certain households with disabilities and young children.

The consultation was available on the council website and over 11,000 mailshots were sent to current Council Tax reduction recipients and local advice and support groups. Links were also available on twitter and it was publicised in several council newsletters

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