Local housing allowance

What is Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the name given to the way Housing Benefit is calculated for people who rent from a private landlord.

Work out the LHA rate that applies to you

For information about how rates are set and the rate that applies to you.

How LHA is paid

In most cases we pay into your bank or building society account. Sometimes we will pay benefit directly to your landlord.  

For information on how LHA is paid.

Changes in your circumstances

Once you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, the relevant LHA rate used in the calculation will continue until the next annual review.

However, we must review it sooner if you have a change in circumstances due to:

  • A relevant change in your rent
  • A change in the number of bedrooms you are entitled to (for example, someone moves out of your home)
  • A member of your household dies
  • You move to another address.

Additional bedroom allowance for carers, foster parents and armed forces

We can include an extra bedroom in the Housing Benefit size criteria if you meet qualifying conditions

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