Order paper copies of our publications

Planning publications and charges

How to order paper copies of planning publications

Our publications are available to download.  However, if you want a paper copy there is a charge per document. 


You can order paper copies of the publications online.

Press the online link and select the document you require, provide your name and postal address and your email address and make your payment online.

Other Charges

  • GIS Mapping Work (per hour): £118
  • Census/population analysis work (per hour): £118
  • Decision Notice copy: £24
  • Section 106 Agreement copy (dependent on whether colour drawings): £65 to 164
  • Written confirmation that Section 106 clauses have been complied with: £105
  • Written response to a solicitors letter: £105
  • Research records for solicitors (per hour): £118
  • Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area Designation copy: £24