Local Plan: employment and industry review


Examination in public

Before it can be adopted, Wandsworth’s Local Plan is subject to an independent Examination in Public by a planning Inspector to assess whether it is sound. The Examination has taken place and the Council is now liaising with the Inspector on Main Modifications.

Planning Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Inspector Kenneth Stone BSc (Hons) Dip TP MRTPI from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out an independent Examination of the Wandsworth Local Plan. The inspector will consider whether or not the Local Plan is sound based on the criteria set out in paragraph 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Local Plan will be considered sound if the Inspector concludes that it is:

  • Positively prepared, meaning that the plan is prepared based on a strategy which seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements. This includes unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development.
  • Justified, meaning that the plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence;
  • Effective, meaning that the plan should be deliverable over its period (in this case 15 years) and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities
  • Consistent with national policy, meaning that the plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the Framework

The Inspector will also consider whether the Local Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Cooperate, and whether it meets the requisite legal and procedural requirements.

In order to do so, the Inspector will assess the Local Plan, the evidence base on which it was created, as well as all of the representations submitted during the consultation phases.

Programme Officer

We have appointed a Programme Officer, Charlotte Glancy, to manage the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process. The Officer acts as a liaison between the Council, the Inspector and participants in the Examination, serving as the first point of contact for anyone who has made representations during the Local Plan consultation stages and is therefore entitled to participate in the Examination.

If you made representations on the Local Plan Publication version, the Programme Officer will contact you on behalf of the Inspector with further information. Their contact details are:

Charlotte Glancy
c/o Banks Solutions
Flat 3 Stanmore House
118-120 High Street
RH14 9QS

Email: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com
Telephone: 07519 628 064 or 01403 783 276

Examination hearings

The examination hearings have taken place. The examination concluded on Wednesday 21 February.

The hearing sessions for the examination of the Local Plan began on Tuesday 20 February and concluded on Wednesday 21 February. There was a possible contingency day which has been allocated on Thursday 22 February. The purpose of the hearings was for the Planning Inspector to examine matters relating to the ‘soundness’ of the plan in more detail. These matters are identified in the main issues and questions paper prepared by the Planning Inspector.

The hearings were held at: Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, SW18 2PU.


Stage Date
 Submission  Friday 13 October 2017
 Hearings start  Tuesday 20 February 2018 (concluded)
 Consultation on Main Modifications  23 May to 8 July 2018
 Adoption  Winter 2018/2019

Examination documents

We have created an index of examination documents. Including the following: 

  • Correspondence with the Inspector
  • Examination statements from us and other parties
  • Evidence supporting the Local Plan

Consultation on Main Modifications to the Plan

Following the hearing sessions, the Inspector has proposed a number of Main Modifications to the submission version of the Plan, which he considers necessary to make the Plan 'sound' and/or legally compliant. Public consultation on these Main Modifications will take place between 23 May and 8 July. This consultation is only on the proposed Main Modifications, and the supplementary Sustainability Appraisal Screening of the Main Modifications, and not other aspects of the Plan. 

Main Modifications are those which the Inspector considers are necessary to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant. Main Modifications are proposed without prejudice to the Inspector's final conclusion on the Local Plan Employment and Industry review document which will take account of all representations submitted in response to this consultation. 

Download the Schedule of Main Modifications

Download the Sustainability Appraisal Screening of the Main Modifications 

Available for information only:

Download the Additional Modifications

Download Appendix 1

These contain minor changes put forward by the Council during the Examination. They have been published for completeness and are not before the Inspector. The changes set out in Appendix 1 should be read in conjunction with the Policies Map changes document.

This consultation is not an opportunity to raise matters relating to other parts of the submitted Local Plan that have already been considered by the Inspector during the Examination process and/or hearing sessions.

If you wish to make representations on the above Main Modifications only, your response must be received by us by 12 midnight, 8 July 2018.

You can also view these documents in the Borough's main libraries (Balham, Battersea, Putney, Tooting and Wandsworth libraries) and at the Council's Planning and Development Division offices; Disraeli House, 2 Adelaide Road, SW18 1DA (Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). You can respond either:

Please note that your response will not be treated as confidential. If you have any queries, please email planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk or telephone 020 8871 7620.

Responses to the Main Modifications will be forwarded to the Inspector, who will take them into account before issuing his report. Any representations received will be forwarded to the Inspector for his consideration. Any representations received not relating to the Main Modifications will not be forwarded to the Inspector as he will only consider representations from this consultation which relate to the Main Modifications.

What happens next 

The Planning Inspector will submit his report on the Local Plan Employment and Industry Document to the Council, this will be made available on our website. If the Inspector considers the Local Plan to be sound and that it meets all the legal and other requirements, it can be formally adopted by the Council.


If you would like more information, or are having trouble downloading any of the documents, please contact the Planning Policy Team.

Email: planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8871 7620

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