Local Plan: employment and industry review

Employment and Industry Local Plan (EILP) Review

Submission for independent Examination in Public

The Council is undertaking a Partial Review of its existing Local Plan (adopted March 2016) that relate to employment land.

On Friday 13 October 2017 the Council submitted the Local Plan: Employment and Industry Documents and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

The Local Plan: Employment and Industry Document has gone through various stages of consultation. The most recent consultation from 10 March to 28 April 2017 was on the Local Plan (Proposed submission version), which sought comments as to the “soundness” and legal compliance of the Plan.

The submission to the Secretary of State includes all comments received during the Publication consultation, as well as copies of all the responses received from the earlier rounds of consultation.

Local Plan Examination documents

The Council has compiled a list of documents which have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate

Submission documents

Reference No. Document Name
 SD/001 Local Plan Employment and Industry Document (March 2017)
 SD/002 Local Plan Policies Map Changes Document (March 2017)
 SD/003 Local Plan IIA including the Equalities Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment (March 2017)Submission version for consultation 10 March – 28 April 2017
 SD/004 Local Plan Statement of Consultation proposed submission version
 SD/005 Local Plan Statement of Consultation – Policy options consultation (March 2017)
Appendix 1 - Full copies of all original Policy Options consultation responses and Council consultation letters and memos (part 1, part 2, part 3)
 SD/006 Local Plan Statement of Consultation - Reg 18 version December (2015)
Appendix 1 - Full copies of all original Policy Options consultation responses and Council consultation letters and memos
 SD/007 Proposed submission version consultation responses and the Council’s response – plan policy order (October 2017)
 SD/008 Consultation Responses and the Council’s response – representor number order (October 2017)
 SD/009 Full copies of all original consultation responses in comment order (October 2017)
 SD/010 Schedule of all proposed minor modifications to proposed submission version of the Local Plan (October 2017) - includes all proposed mods resulting from reps and additional minor mods
 SD/011 Employment Land and Premises Study (July 2016)
 SD/012 Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (October 2017)
 SD/013 Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist for Local Plan (October 2017)
 SD/014 Legal Compliance Checklist for Local Plan (October 2017)
 SD/015 Duty to Co-operate Statement (October 2017)
 SD/016 Monitoring Framework for the Local Plan (October 2017)
 SD/017 HRA Assessment Correspondence with Natural England 

Evidence and other documents

Reference No. Document Name
 SD/018 Local Development Scheme (adopted 2015)
 SD/019 Core Strategy (2016)
 SD/020 Development Management Plan (2016)
 SD/021 Site Specific Allocations Document (2016) 
 SD/022 Statement of Community Involvement (2012)
 SD/023 2016 Local Plan Policies Map
 SD/024 Article 4 Direction - Office to Residential
  • Copy of Directions
  • Copy of consultation notices
    Map of areas 
 SD/025 Flood Risk Sequential Test Report To support the Local Plan
 Proposed Submission version (March 2017)
 SD/026 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2016)
 SD/027 Integrated Impact Assessment – Scoping Report (October 2016)
 SD/028 Scoping report consultation comments and the Council’s response (March 2017)
 SD/029 GLA London Office Policy Review (June 2017)
 SD/030 GLA London Industrial Land Demand Study (June 2017) 
 SD/031 Local Plan Reg 18 consultation version (December 2015)
 SD/032 Local Plan policy options consultation version (March 2017)
 SD/033 London Industrial Land Supply & Economic Study (2015) (AECOM, prepared for GLA – March 2016)
 SD/034 London Office Policy Review (2014) 
 SD/035 Small offices and mixed use in London’s Central Activities Zone (CAZ) (2015) (Ramidus Consulting Ltd, prepared for GLA – August 2015)
 SD/036 Supporting Places of Work: Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working Spaces (URS, prepared on behalf of GLA, 2015) 
 SD/037 The creative industries in London (GLA Economics working paper, 2015)
 SD/038 Workspace Providers Directory (GLA, January 2015)
 SD/039 London Business Survey 2014 (GLA Economics)
 SD/040 Artists’ Workspace Study (GLA 2014)
 SD/041 London Industrial Land Baseline (URS 2010)
 SD/042 London Wholesale Markets Review 2007 (GLA 2007)
 SD/043 London 2036 – an agenda for jobs and growth (London Enterprise Panel, London First 2015)
 SD/044 Workspace Futures – the changing dynamics of office locations (NLP, 2015)
 SD/045 London’s industrial land: Cause for concern (J Fern & E Jones, Bartlett School of Planning, February 2015)
 SD/046 Size matters: the importance of small firms in London’s economy (Centre for Cities, 2012)
 SD/047 Code for leasing business premises in England and wales (2007)
 SD/048 Strategy for the Wandle Valley regional park trust (2016)
 SD/049 All London Green Grid SPG (2012)
 SD/050 All London Green Grid - Wandle Valley Area Framework (2011)
 SD/051 Land for industry and transport SPG (2012)
 SD/052 GLA autumn economics projections (2016) 
 SD/053 Nine Elms on the South Bank – A Place for Culture
 SD/054 Correspondence between Wandsworth Council and the GLA regarding new office and industry evidence (July 2017)

What happens next

An independent planning Inspector will consider the “soundness” of the Local Plan, which means that an Inspector will check that all legal and other requirements have been met. It will be the role of the Inspector to consider comments submitted to the Council during the Publication consultation. The Inspector will also take into account the submission documents and local evidence base. If the Inspector considers the Local Plan to be “sound” and that it meets all the legal and other requirements, it can be formally adopted.

A Programme Officer has been appointed to support the Examination in Public. The Programme Officer is an independent officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector. Their role is to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process, and he is the point of contact for any queries in relation to the examination or correspondence with the Inspector.

If you made representations on the Local Plan Publication version, the Programme Officer will contact you on behalf of the Inspector. Further information about the Examination will be available within the next few weeks.


If you would like more information, or are having trouble downloading any of the documents, please contact the Planning Policy Team.

Email: planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8871 7620


The review will be carried our over the following timetable:

Stage Exercise Timeframe

 Stage 1: Preparation 

 Regulation 18 preparation stage consultation 

December 2015 to January 2016 

 Employment Land and Premises Study

April to July 2016 

 Call for sites 

June to September 2016 

 Policy Options consultation

October 2016 

Stage 2: Publication

Publish submission version

March 2017 

Regulation 19 submission version consultation 

March to April 2017

Stage 3: Examination

Submission to Secretary of State 

October 2017 


December 2017 to April 2018 

 Stage 4: Adoption 


July 2018/December 2018*

*Adoption may be delayed to December 2018 if there is a need to carry out a consultation on additional modifications following the examination hearings. 

More about the Examination in Public

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