Neighbourhood planning

Community Right to Build Organisations/Orders

Separate requirements are given in the Regulations for the conditions an organisation has to meet to be regarded as a community right to build organisation.

Organisations which meet the criteria may already be in existence in the area or they may be formed as a new organisation. Such organisations do not have to be approved by the Council. Community Right to Build Orders offer a different route to providing planning permission for a specific development proposal of community benefit, including new housing, without the need to make a separate planning application.

To progress an Order, the proposal has to be in an area which has been designated by the Council as a neighbourhood as set out above.

Having drawn up proposals, the requirements and Regulations relating to publicity, submission, independent Examination, referendums and final approval follow the same pattern as for Neighbourhood Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders. The community's corporate body then oversees the development and decides how any profits (for example from the sale of properties) should be used within the community.