Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood forums

Neighbourhood forums can draw up either a Neighbourhood Plan, or a Neighbourhood Development Order or both. However, the plan and/or the Order must be in line with the strategic policies in the Council's Local Plan (formerly Local Development Framework), the London Plan and the national planning policies set out in the National Planning Policy Framework.

Neighbourhood Plans cannot for example, be used to restrict the quantum of development in an area, they could however be used to influence the location, mix and/or design of that development. Neighbourhood Plans can cover a single issue or range of issues, they can relate to the whole or part of a neighbourhood and can allocate specific sites. Neighbourhood Development Orders can cover types of development e.g. house  extensions or minor developments in industrial sites, or proposals on specific sites.

Council support

The Council has a duty to support neighbourhood forums in working up details of the Neighbourhood Plan or Development Order, this includes advising on general conformity with the strategic policies in the Local Plan, when and which consultees to involve, and details of the evidence requirements which will be needed to inform the policies and proposals in the Neighbourhood Plan or Development Order.

The Regulations include requirements on the neighbourhood forum preparing the Neighbourhood Plan or Development Order to undertake pre-submission consultation. The Plan or Order is then submitted to the Council along with the specified documents which must accompany submission.