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Local Plan: full review

Keeping the Local Plan up to date is a priority for the Council. Local policies and site allocations need to remain up to date and are supported by the best possible evidence in order to be effective and robust. The need to keep the plan up to date has recently become more significant due to the changes in national and regional policy; for example, planning for increased housing targets. Therefore, the Council is undertaking a review of its local policies and site allocations to ensure they are still relevant and are achieving the outcomes required.

To ensure that the Council retains an up to date Local Plan, work has now commenced on the full review of the adopted Local Plan.

When will consultation begin?

The current timetable for producing the Wandsworth Local Plan is set out in our Local Development Scheme. The Issues Document, Scoping Report and call for sites are now closed for consultation. Please see below for more details.

Local Plan Consultations - how to get involved

Writing the Wandsworth Local Plan will involve extensive evidence gathering, public consultations and joint working with neighbouring authorities and partners. The approach to public engagement taken by the Council in developing the Local Plan is set out in our Statement of Community Involvement which is also being reviewed.

Local Plan Issues Document and Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report

View the Local Plan Issues Document.

To view the Local Plan Issues Document and Sustainability Scoping report, visit the consultation portal website.

You can follow the progress in the development of the Wandsworth Local Plan by checking the planning policy webpages which will provide updates on our current progress.

If you would like to be informed of progress, please register your details by emailing planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

What process will the development of the Wandsworth Local Plan follow?

The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012 set out the process for preparing and adopting a new Plan, with key stages defined by Regulations. The key stages required for this process are set out below:

Stage OneConsultation on Issues Document (Regulation 18)
Comments are invited on the key planning issues facing Wandsworth and the scope and content of the new Local Plan. Comments received alongside an updated evidence base will shape the production of a preferred options document.

Stage Two – Consultation on Preferred Options Document (Regulation 18)

Using the information gained from Stage One and evidence gathered, a Preferred Options Document will be prepared. This will include draft policy options, potential development locations and supporting information.

Stage Three – Consultation on proposed submission version (Regulation 19)

Using the information gathered from the previous consultation, a Draft Wandsworth Local Plan will be prepared. This will include draft policies, potential development locations and supporting information.

Stage Four – Submission and Examination (Regulation 22–25)

The proposed submission version and representations received from Stage Three will be submitted to the Secretary of State. An Independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to examine the plan and its evidence, and representations and comments made. He/she will hold hearings to discuss the ‘soundness’ of the plan. Modifications can be made to the plan to address outstanding issues, which may involve further consultation.

Stage Five – Adoption of the Wandsworth Local Plan (Regulation 26)

The Wandsworth Local Plan will be adopted by the Council and used to inform decisions on planning applications.

Call for Sites - open until 11 March 2019

Consultation closed.

What is the Call for Sites?

As part of the preparation for the Local Plan, the Council has commenced a Call for Sites, an invitation to all individuals, developers, landowners, agents and other interested parties to submit details of sites within the borough that may be available for redevelopment over the lifetime of the Plan. Private, public and voluntary sector bodies and individuals are eligible to submit sites for consideration. You do not need to be the owner of a site to be able to submit it for consideration.

All types of site can be submitted, such as residential, commercial and retail and sites can be of any size including small sites. Proposals can be for any type of land use (e.g. for residential, commercial, retail, leisure).

How can sites be submitted?

Sites can be submitted through the Call for Sites online form. Submissions must be supported by a site boundary plan, while other supporting documents are welcomed.

For more information, or for help in filling out the form, please email the planning policy and design team at planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk or call 020 8871 7620.

What will happen to submissions?

The information submitted will be analysed to establish the capacity, availability and deliverability of sites, including their potential suitability for different uses. The call for sites exercise will not decide whether a site should be allocated for development. An assessment of all sites and submitted information will be carried out before any decision is taken, which may lead to the Council asking for more information.

The Council will consider all sites objectively, the submission of a site provides no guarantee that it will be allocated in the Local Plan. Following site identification, it is intended that engagement would then take place with interested parties on the scope of development, taking into account the emerging policy context.

Other Information:

  • The Council is required to produce and publish on its website a Brownfield Land Register Annually. Where a respondent to the Call for Sites exercise indicates that they wish to, and provided the criteria are met, their site will also be recorded on Part 1 of the Brownfield Land Register
  • The Council appreciates that some of the information may be commercially sensitive and/or confidential – the online form allows the option of maintaining confidentiality

Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is a required process for assessing social, economic, and environmental impacts of a Local Plan, establishing a systematic evaluation framework to take account of these broader impacts at all stages of the Plan making process. The Scoping Report is the first stage of the SA process and establishes the context, identifies baseline information, and determines the scope of the subsequent SA report, and will form a significant element of the evidence base for the full review of the Local Plan.

The Council adopted a Scoping Report (2016), prepared by CAG Consultants to support the full review for the Wandsworth Local Plan. The Council are undertaking a review of this 2016 Scoping Report to ensure that the evidence base and objectives are up to date and take account of any new evidence that has come forward since the preparation of the 2016 report.  

We are now consulting on the revised Scoping Report for a period of eight weeks from 12 December 2018 to 6 February 2019. This will help us to identify whether the sustainability objectives held within the report are still appropriate or require updating.

The Scoping Report is available for your consideration.

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