Local Plan

The Local Plan consists of a series of documents. The most important of these is the Core Strategy, which sets out our spatial vision for Wandsworth and a strategy for how this vision will be achieved. The Development Management Policies Document (DMPD) and Site Specific Allocations Document (SSAD) support the strategic objectives set out in the Core Strategy.

The current adopted development plan for the borough comprises:

The Local Plan Employment and Industry Document replaces employment and industrial land policies, area spatial strategies and site allocations in the existing Local Plan documents. The Council has produced track changed version of the Local Plan documents to show which policies will be deleted:

The Council has now approved a revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) setting out an updated timetable for the documents.

Local Plan: Full Review

The Council has started the formal process of reviewing the entire Local Plan.

What process will the development of the Wandsworth Plan follow?

The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012 set out the process for preparing and adopting a new Plan, with key stages defined by Regulations. The key stages required for this process are set out below:

Stage OneConsultation on Issues Document (Regulation 18)
Comments are invited on the key planning issues facing Wandsworth and the scope and content of the new Local Plan. Comments received alongside an updated evidence base will shape the production of a preferred options document.

Stage Two – Consultation on Preferred Options Document (Regulation 18)

Using the information gained from Stage One and evidence gathered, a Preferred Options Document will be prepared. This will include draft policy options, potential development locations and supporting information.

Stage Three – Consultation on proposed submission version (Regulation 19)

Using the information gathered from the previous consultation, a Draft Wandsworth Local Plan will be prepared. This will include draft policies, potential development locations and supporting information.

Stage Four – Submission and Examination (Regulation 22–25)

The proposed submission version and representations received from Stage Three will be submitted to the Secretary of State. An Independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to examine the plan and its evidence, and representations and comments made. He/she will hold hearings to discuss the ‘soundness’ of the plan. Modifications can be made to the plan to address outstanding issues, which may involve further consultation.

Stage Five – Adoption of the Wandsworth Local Plan (Regulation 26)

The Wandsworth Local Plan will be adopted by the Council and used to inform decisions on planning applications.

When will each stage begin?

The current timetable for producing the Wandsworth Local Plan is set out in our Local Development Scheme. The Issues Document is being consulted on for a period of eight weeks, commencing on 12 December 2018.

Contact details

Email: planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

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