Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary planning documents (SPDS) are non-statutory documents that can form part of the Local Development Plan. SPDs cover a wide range of issues giving detailed guidance on how policies or proposals in development plan documents will be implemented.

As identified in the Local Plan, the council is preparing a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to expand and provide further guidance on policies set out in the adopted Development Plan Documents (DPDs).  

Adopted SPDs

Consultation on the Planning Obligation SPD 2018 and supporting Planning Obligation Calculator

The Council is currently consulting on a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Planning Obligations, which when adopted will replace the existing Planning Obligations SPD 2015. When adopted, the SPD will provide guidance on how planning obligations are used to promote sustainable development, provide affordable housing to meet identified needs and deliver the infrastructure necessary to support the growth of the borough. The Planning Obligations SPD 2018 is currently out for consultation for eight weeks from 12 December until 6 February 2019. For further information, view the Draft Planning Obligations.

A Planning Obligations Calculator has been developed and is also being consulted upon alongside the Planning Obligations SPD. It will be used to calculate the contributions required for a proposed development, following the formulas set out in the SPD, as a starting point for discussions. The Calculator will be used in conjunction with the Planning Obligation SPD. View the Planning Obligations Calculator.

Comment on the Supplementary Planning Document.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

The council has produced a Population Yield Calculator which can be used by developers to assess the number of residents expected to result from proposed new development. This assists in the negotiation of planning obligations.

The council has also provided further non-legal guidance on planning and other matters relating to basement extensions, which refers to the guidance given in the Housing SPD. The Planning Portal website provides the most up-to-date information on permitted development rights including an interactive householder guide.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance 

Pages in Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)