Grow Wandsworth Awards

Have you got green fingers and enjoy cooking home grown produce to benefit your community? You could be in with a chance of winning a Grow Wandsworth Award!

These awards have been set up by the Mayor of Wandsworth, Nicola Nardelli, to encourage people and organisations who grow healthy, fresh, local food in Community Food Projects.

Cllr Nardelli said:

I believe it’s important to realise the connection between growing and cooking, and that growing food for yourself and your community can be simple, fun and enormously rewarding. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space and you will gain a much greater understanding of how to cook and eat healthy food. I want people to get together to share the experience of growing and cooking together, and I hope these awards will highlight some of the great work that is going on out there, and inspire others to do the same.

Closing date for entries: 30 September 2015


There will be four categories of awards:

  1. Creative spaces awards - be it turning your terrace into a paradise for your cabbages or finding a nook somewhere in the borough for that perfect mini garden. We want to see the most creative ways that Wandsworth’s urban landscape has been used for community growing.
  2. Sunshine awards - Celebrating the ways people have brought a bit of sunshine into the lives of others through community growing.
  3. Young and old awards - Food growing which brings together people from different generations to work and play together.
  4. From patch to plate awards - Projects which grow food and then go on to make it into something tasty that others can share.


  • individuals or small groups growing their own food
  • community organisations such as allotments, co-operatives, charities, companies, residents' associations, schools, or children's centres who grow food for the community.

Individuals and organisations must have local links. Individuals must live or work in Wandsworth, organisations must operate in Wandsworth or grow food in the borough.

You can:
  • enter yourself
  • enter your organisation
  • nominate someone else (an individual or organisation), who you think has contributed to community food growing in the borough. 

How to enter

Send us in:

Selfies of your veggies!

All entries must show visual evidence of how you/nominee have nurtured fruit and or vegetables in a way that has benefited their own life and the lives of others in their community.

We'll leave it up to you to decide on a way which suits you to demonstrate this. You could consider submitting:

  • photographs
  • a link to a YouTube video
  • cartoons or drawings
  • a blog
  • an annotated photo album or scrap book
  • a poster.

Tell us about the project

All entries must include three written short explanations (2 pages in total) - one from yourself and two from others involved in your growing project telling us about:

    1. How has the project contributed to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of those involved and/ or those in the wider community?
    2. What challenges have you faced and overcome with your project?
    3. How have you involved others throughout Wandsworth?

    Contact details

    Submit your entries by post:

    Mayor's Office
    Room 144, Wandsworth Town Hall
    Wandsworth High Street
    London, SW18 2PU

    If you are not sure what to do, call us and we will work with you to find a way for you to submit your application in a way which suits you.

    About the awards

    Entries will be judged by the Mayor and a panel of experts in community growing, and shortlisted projects and residents will be visited as part of this process. Winners will be invited to an awards ceremony in November.

    The awards have been set up by the Mayor of Wandsworth to recognise projects that bring people together to produce healthy, fresh, local food.

    The awards will encourage people to share their skills and knowledge, and will help support food growing in Wandsworth going into the future.