Children's social work

Do you enjoy social work practice? Our Social Workers still "do" social work. Direct work and participation is central to assessment and intervention.

Social Workers see the difference they make to the lives of children and young people and this is showcased in the annual "Celebrate Social Work" conference and the multi-agency Signs of Safety conference.

Training and progression 

Wandsworth Council is a place that nurtures talent, with strong training programmes and a proactive approach to development.

Employees progress naturally within the organisation into both managerial and non-managerial roles. It's a place that instils commitment, which is reflected in the number of staff who have converted from locum into permanent roles. 

Our staff have lower case loads than some neighbouring boroughs, so more time and attention can be focused where it really counts. Benefits of Social Work in Wandsworth include:

  • A strong training programme that supports you to develop practice and progress into senior practitioner and managerial roles.
  • Access to reliable management support with good team morale and staff engagement across the department.
  • Caseloads are equal to the national average and there are good resources for families and social workers.
  • Social Workers use the "Signs of Safety" practice model across all services.

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