Children's social work

Social work in Wandsworth

There are over 60,000 children and young adults currently living in Wandsworth. In October last year, 1,731 were in need of specialist children's services.

Following a recent Ofsted inspection there is confidence the council has the capacity and commitment to improve services for children and young people as well as building on existing strengths such as the outstanding Residential Parenting Centre and Children Looked After in Care Council (CLICK). PLO work is commended by both Ofsted and the Courts.

We have some difficult challenges ahead of us, but we're an ambitious, united and driven team who are working together to protect the borough's most vulnerable children. It's with this resolve, with this determination to do the right thing, that we’re inviting experienced Social Workers to join us.

If your talent is matched with a real passion for providing children with the right services, at the right time – you could be the perfect addition to our team.

Our achievements

  • We've been praised for following Best Practice models, and commended for our achievements in court.
  • We're using Signs of Safety and AMBIT in Wandsworth to support practitioners with a framework and practice tools to build relationships with children, young people and families, utilising practitioner expertise and developing local practice excellence.
  • We're also proud to be an 'active champion' for the role of fathers in social care, which is particularly innovative in this field.

About Wandsworth

  • One of the largest Inner London boroughs, Wandsworth covers over 3,200 acres and has a population of more than 308,000.
  • We're a collection of many different communities, each with its own distinct character and a wide ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • We have large inner city housing estates, leafy suburbs, five vibrant town centres and some of London's very best parks and commons. Our diversity is our strength, and makes Wandsworth an exciting and dynamic place to live and work.

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