Guide to recruitment

Job profile

Every job we advertise is supported by a job profile. You should read the job profile carefully, so that you understand what the position involves. 

Using the job profile

The job profile document explains the:

  • Job purpose and duties
  • Selection criteria - values and behaviours
  • Selection criteria - experience, qualifications, training and other requirements

Once you have read the job profile, you can begin to think about:

  • What the job involves and if you have the relevant experience and skills required
  • What interests you about this job
  • If the job opportunity is right for your career development

You will only be shortlisted if you meet the essential requirements of the job specification. The decision to shortlist you for interview will be solely based on the information you provide in your application.

Please make sure that your application addresses all of the areas covered in the job profile, and that it demonstrates the skills and experience you have for the specific job you are applying for.