Open Council - background information

How did we do this analysis?

Performance indicators

The analysis shows the relative performance of Wandsworth against London and inner-London local authorities using performance indicators covering most major council service areas. 

These indicators relate to as many of the council's own key indicators, known as toplines, as data availability from the Government allows.

All the data used in this analysis has been taken from published reports or statistical releases from the Government and its agencies. These datasets are not published in a single place making it difficult for residents to find out how their council is performing.

The London Grade

The London Grade (a quartile calculation) and rankings are based only on those authorities for which data are available. Data are sometimes unavailable for some councils which may be for a variety of reasons, for example; to preserve confidentiality of service users; because a council hasn't submitted data; or a council is not obliged to report on that indicator. Therefore, no assumptions or conclusions should be made about a council's performance where there is missing data.

Health-related indicators

For several health-related indicators the data are released at the Primary Care Trust (PCT) 'spatial level', rather than for the local authority. Two PCTs in London cover two local authorities each (the City and Hackney and Sutton and Merton). Where this is the case, the same data value has been assigned to each local authority.