Local Plan: employment and industry review

Employment and Industry Local Plan (EILP) Review

The council is reviewing the policies in the Local Plan (adopted March 2016) that relate to employment land. Employment land includes areas, sites and buildings that are used as offices, factories, warehouses and workshops, as well as related activities like waste management. 

The council has published the proposed submission version of the Local Plan Employment and Industry Document. This is the version that the council intend to submit to the Secretary of State for public examination in due course. A consultation is being carried out between 10 March and 28 April 2017.

Consultation documents

Supporting and background documents

New versions of the adopted Local Plan documents have been produced, showing the policies, text and site allocations that the Employment and Industry Document will supersede as tracked changes:

How to respond to the consultation

We encourage you to respond online as this greatly assists us in collating, analysing and considering the response.

If you are not able to respond online, please complete the form and email it to planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk or send written responses to the address below.

Policy and Design Team
Planning and Transport Division
Environment and Community Services
Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU 

Overview timetable

The review will be carried out over the following timetable:

Stage   Exercise  Timeframe 
Stage 1: Preparation Regulation 18 preparation stage consultation December 2015 to January 2016
Employment Land and Premises Study April to July 2016
Call for sites June to September 2016
Policy Options consultation October 2016
Stage 2: Publication Publish submission version March 2017
Regulation 19 submission version consultation March to April 2017
Stage 3: Examination Submission to Secretary of State October 2017
Examination December 2017 to April 2018
Stage 4: Adoption Adoption July 2018/December 2018*

*Adoption may be delayed to December 2018 if there is a need to carry out a consultation on additional modifications following the examination hearings.

Previous consultations

The council carried out two previous public consultations to inform the Employment and Industry Document. A preparation stage (regulation 18) consultation was carried out between 11 December 2015 and 29 January 2016, and a policy options consultation, carried out between 7 October and 4 November 2016: