Local Plan: employment and industry review

Employment and Industry Local Plan (EILP) Review

The council is reviewing the policies in the Local Plan 2016 that relate to employment land. Employment land includes areas, sites and buildings that are used as offices, factories, warehouses and workshops, as well as related activities like waste management. The employment and industry review is a partial review of the adopted Local Plan 2016.

If you have any questions about the review, please phone Rob McNicol on 020 8871 8814.

Overview Timetable

The review will be carried out over the following timetable:

Stage   Exercise  Timeframe 
Stage 1: Preparation  Regulation 18 preparation stage consultation  Dec 2015 – Jan 2016
 Employment Land and Premises Study  Apr – Jul 2016
 Call for sites  Jun – Sep 2016
Policy Options consultation  Oct 2016
 Stage 2: Publication  Publish submission version  Mar 2017
 Regulation 19 submission version consultation  Mar – Apr 2017
 Stage 3: Examination  Submission to Secretary of State  Oct 2017
 Examination  Dec 2017 – Apr 2018
 Stage 4: Adoption  Adoption  Jul 2018/Dec 2018*

 *Adoption may be delayed to Dec 2018 if there is a need to carry out a consultation on additional modifications following the examination hearings.

Preparation Stage – Policy Options Consultation

The council is carrying out a consultation between 7 October and 4 November 2016 on a set of planning policy options for employment and industry issues. The options are set out in a Policy Options Consultation Document, which has been informed by the responses received during the earlier preparation stage (Regulation 18) consultation carried out at the start of 2016, as well as an Employment Land and Premises Study (2016) which has been prepared by AECOM.

We welcome all responses to the consultation.  


We encourage you to respond online using our consultation portal as this greatly assists us in collating, analysing and considering the responses.

If you are not able to respond online, please email planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk or send written responses to:

Policy and Design Team
Planning and Transport Division
Environment and Community Services
Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU

Preparation Stage (Regulation 18) Consultation

The council carried out a consultation between 11 December 2015 and 29 January 2016 to find out whether we had identified the correct areas for review, how current policies were working and what approach we should take in planning for employment land in the Borough. This consultation was carried out in accordance with Regulation 18 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 and the council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement.

Thirty one responses to the consultation were received. These are summarised in the EILP Review Regulation 18 Consultation Report, which includes council responses to the representations made. The full responses are available in the EILP Review Regulation 18 Original Representations document.