Community safety

Domestic violence

Find out about emergency accommodation, injunctions and our One Stop Shop where you can get free information and legal advice. Call 999 in an emergency. Domestic violence

Abuse abroad

Find out how you can protect children and adults from abuse in the UK and abroad. Abuse abroad

Neighbourhood Watch

Build a safer community by starting or joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme where you live. Find your nearest Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Neighbourhood Watch

Preventing crime and staying safe

Find out how to prevent crime including home security, no cold calling, personal safety, travel and vehicle safety, bogus callers, rogue traders and fraud. Crime prevention

Business crime and CCTV

Businesses can sign up to Retail Radio scheme, which is a fast way for shops to exchange information about thefts and fraud. You can request to view CCTV footage if you are the subject of the footage. CCTV and Retail Radio

Junior and Safer Citizen schemes

The schemes are aimed at giving young people the skills to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. Find out how to join the schemes. Junior and Safer Citizen schemes

Hate crime

A hate incident is where someone is subjected to harassment, victimised, intimidated or abused because of his or her race, faith, religion or disability, or because they are gay, bisexual or transgendered. Report hate crime to the police. Hate crime

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