Keep Wandsworth Clean

Flytipping, littering and street cleanliness is emerging as an issue that concerns the majority of our residents.

We work seven days a week to keep our streets clean, cleaning our busy town centres up to five times a day. Last year we spent a total of £4.3 million on the street cleansing, cleaning 418.52 km of streets per week.

See what a day is like for one of our Sweeping Operatives in Battersea.

Those who dump rubbish in our streets affect everyone in the community. We want to work with you to tackle the issue of flytipping and catch those responsible.

Managing your waste correctly

We can all play a part in helping to keep Wandsworth clean. Residents and businesses can assist by managing their waste correctly. 

Report flytipping 

If you witness a flytip, please email in confidence or you can report a flytip online.


To help keep our streets clean, we have Enforcement Officers who are currently out on our streets day and night. They are there to:

  • Educate residents and businesses about their waste disposal duties and responsibilities.
  • Investigate reports of dumped rubbish; identify where it has come from and who has dumped it.
  • Enforce waste related legislation by issuing penalties and prosecuting individuals and organisations found to be responsible for fly-tipping

Find out what a day on patrol with Wandsworth enforcement team is like.

Enforcement activity

In September, enforcement officers issued 301 fines for littering, 10 fines for littering from a vehicle and successfully tracked down and fined 16 flytippers. The team has also taken action against businesses that don’t properly manage their waste and they have issued 71 penalty charge notices to local traders for not complying with the law. 

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved to help keep Wandsworth clean: