Supporting carers

A carer is somebody who provides unpaid care or support to an adult, such as a family member or friend. "Caring" for someone can cover a lot of different things, for example:

  • helping with their washing, dressing or eating
  • taking them to regular appointments
  • keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious

We recognise the important role which carers take on when they look after a friend or relative, and we have a responsibility to ensure that carers are supported in that role and to have a life outside of this role.

Carer assessments

We can assess the needs of carers who are providing care and support to an adult living in Wandsworth, even if you live in a different area. An assessment gives you the opportunity to talk about what will help you in your caring role, the impact of caring on your wellbeing, as well as your own personal needs.

The assessment can be done with the person you are caring for or separately. You can ask for an assessment to see if you qualify even if the person you look after is refusing services. Support could include:

Carer's Allowance

Carer's Allowance is a taxable benefit to help you look after someone with substantial care needs. You don't have to be related to, or live with, the person that you care for, but you do need to be aged 16 or over and spend at least 35 hours a week caring for the person. If you receive Carer's Allowance it can affect your other benefits.

Young carers

A young carer is a child or young person under the age of 18, whose life is restricted because of the need to care for someone who is frail or ill, has a disability or mental health condition or is affected by substance misuse.

Many children and young people are carers, providing emotional or physical care for a family member.

If you are a young carer, download the Young Carers Plan - A guide for young people, to see how we can help.

Further information for young carers

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