Eco Fund update

We are currently assessing 7 applications requesting four times the amount of money left in the pot.

The Eco Fund is an annual pot of £5,000 which aims to support local projects which make Wandsworth a greener, brighter place to live.

Over £10,000 has been requested for local projects including:

  • - Constructing a toolshed for a 'secret' garden used by a local school and community groups to grow food.
  • - Tools and materials for a community garden on an estate.
  • - Publicity and staff time to promote a renewable heating technologies advice scheme.
  • - Help outsourcing IT work to India to maintain a website which gives advice on green technologies.
  • - Support for a proposal to make Tooting Town Centre easier to negotiate for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • - Tools and publicity for a 'rain garden' in Balham.
  • - A university swap shop.

There is less than £3,000 left, with one more dealine to go before the end of the financial year. It's going to be a tough decision.

The final deadline is 14 February 2013. For more information visit

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