£ood Waste Challenge

The £ood Waste Challenge is a two-week challenge getting Londoners to see how much food they throw away in week 1 and then giving them tips on how to reduce it in week 2.

More information

It will be held during the European Week of Waste Reduction 2012.
Week 1: 17th-23rd November
Week 2: 24th-30th November

There will be an event in City Hall on Friday 23 November (end of week 1) with training, tips and advice on how participants can reduce their food waste the following week.

How to get involved

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2:
Keep a diary of what food and drink you throw away at home
(as a household, or as an individual in shared house, student halls etc)

Step 3:
Weigh the food and drink you throw away
(you'll be provided with tools to help)

Step 4:
Tell people what you're doing and how it's going
(Facebook posts, blog, photo blog, video diary, tweets, article in newspaper etc)

Step 5:
Come to event at City Hall on Friday 23rd November to:
  - meet other participants 
  - share experiences, thoughts on what you threw away most, what was hardest to avoid, top tips, recipes etc
  - learn more about food waste and how to save money at home
  - get toolkit and learn tips to reduce food waste

Step 6: 
Share your ideas on how other people can reduce their food waste and save money  

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