Don't buy; borrow

How many times have you used your power drill? Ecomodo says an average drill is used for 12 minutes of its life.

Instead of buying one only to make a few holes, why not borrow from a neighbour? But how do you know if they have one, or are willing to lend?

Ecomodo allows lenders and borrowers to connect with each other.

 How to share using Ecomodo

  1. 1. Sign up 
  2. 2. State items to lend
    You can also 'lend' skills or other things: like language translation, or garage space
  3. 3. Specify where you live
    Details will be kept private until you approve an individual to borrow your item
  4. 4. Specify who you're willing to lend to
    Join or create lending circles around specific groups (like schools, workplaces or your street)
  5. 5. State how much you charge
    Choose to lend for free, or make a charge and opt to take a deposit and insurance. There is also an option to donate your fee to a registered charity.

Once you've created a profile you can search for items or services in a nearby area, or trusted group of lenders and borrowers.

For more information, visit 

Other sharing networks

These do not have the option to make money from sharing.


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