Waste and recycling centre reopens today

Refurbishment of the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC) is complete. It was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth this morning.

Improvements include:

  • - A new on-site traffic management system, designed to keep visiting cars flowing through the site in a controlled manner.
  • - Webcams linked to Western Riverside Waste Authority's (WRWA) website, providing real-time information on the traffic levels: giving users the opportunity to check from home and avoid queues*.   
  • - A new purpose-built building covering the main operational and parking area with a clad roof to reduce noise from the site.
  • - More circulation space around each container via raised access platforms on fingers between them.

For opening times and further details visit www.wrwa.gov.uk/

*The webcam service will be operational within a fortnight of the official opening.

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