Balham resident gets Eco Kettle for turning off the tap

Congratulations, Bertha from Balham:

An Eco Kettle

She was one of 14 people who made a Green Pledge when they met the us at an event hosted by Tooting library in July. 

She was randomly selected out of everyone who made a pledge since the last prize draw.

Green Pledges are about doing small things which make a big difference. Here are the Pledges Bertha made:

  • - Not to leave elctricals on standby
  • - Walk journeys less than a mile
  • - Use orange sacks and orange-lidded banks to recycle everything I can
  • - Turn off the tap when brushing my teeth

By doing these things Bertha saves over 30Kg CO2 each year, which is (coincidentally) about the same carbon footprint as a making a milky cup of tea every day in 2012*. 

Make a Green Pledge when you see us at events or make a Green Pledge online.

*Source: How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Berners-Lee.

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