“Improve” your estate

"Before we formed a residents' group we didn’t really know each other, now we meet up regularly and socialise" - Betty Georgiou, St Margaret’s Sheltered RA Treasurer.

Sunflowers in Minstead Gardens

What Wandsworth Resident Associations (RAs) are doing: 

  • Manresa and Minstead Sheltered RA recently acquired funding for a new garden area behind their clubroom
  • Stockhurst Close RA received funding for a water butt
  • Breasley Close RA is creating a food-growing area including composters and a large raised planter

Work is paid for by the Small Improvements Budget, which can be applied to by accredited Residents Associations (RAs) through their Area Housing Panel.

"Forming a Residents' Association allows all residents to have a collective and united voice when dealing with issues on their estates and engaging the council to address them."

Ms D. Wilkins, Cambalt Road RA Chair

You and your neighbours can do it too

If your estate could do with some improvements (along with news about local housing, access to training and social activities) you can set up your own RA.

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