Recycle batteries at York Gardens Library

Empty battery recycling tube needs you.

Battery recycling iconIf you're in the Latchmere area York Gardens may be your nearest library. Last time the crew went to empty the battery recycling tube there was nothing in it! 

There are tubes in all Wandsworth libraries and leisure centres.  

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  1. Kathleen Oyediran Says:

    I am not surprised to hear that there were no batteries in the recycling tube at York Gardens Library. Since Wandsworth Council decided to make the recent alterations to the library, it has virtually become only a children's library. There is hardly anything left there for adults now. I used to use the recycling tube for batteries in that library, but I now go to the Lavender Hill branch - it is a waste of time going to the York Gardens one. Since it is adults who recycle things and not children, why is it such a surprise to find the tube empty?


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