Numbered recycling triangles on plastic packaging

"What do I do when there's a numbered triangle on the bottom of something plastic - like a margarine tub or pop bottle?"

At the Balham and Tooting Community Association (BATCA) Fun Day at the beginning of June, someone asked whether there is a guide for recycling plastic items based on the numbered triangles you sometimes see printed on the bottom of packaging.

Plastic packaging

These numbers do have a meaning - they indicate which type of plastic the item is made from.  But they don't tell you whether or not you can recycle the item in Wandsworth's clear recycling sacks and orange-lidded banks so you don't need to check them when deciding what to include.

The sorting facility only accepts plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays because these items are suitable for reprocessing.  So please recycle these items regardless of the triangle symbol printed on them.  Including any other types of plastic is likely to cause problems in the process, so please make sure you don't.  

Lastly, please remember to rinse off any food remnants before putting plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in your recycling.

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