Why can't I recycle shredded paper?

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Pile of shredded paperLast year Wandsworth started using a new recycling facility to sort material. The methods for separating items are now slightly different, and one of the few changes is that cannot process shredded paper. 

Shredding paper shortens the fibres, so large amounts of shredded paper in a paper bale will usually bring the overall quality down. 

At the new recycling facility, small pieces of paper fall through gaps in machinery and into the crushed glass stream. To obtain clean, uncontaminated glass the bits of paper have to be removed. This process requires time and energy, and the retrieved paper is too poor quality to be useful. 

Sensitive information

Parts of a document containing sensitive information can be torn off and shredded (then put in the bin), while the rest of the page can be recycled as normal. Black-sack rubbish is taken to an energy-from-waste facility, which feeds into the National Grid.

There are 2 responses to “Why can't I recycle shredded paper?”

  1. finn Says:

    shredding is very necessary for any business man.

  2. <a href="http://www.needashredder.ie/">shredders</ Says:

    I totally agree you, This is really necessary to keep a shredder in office for shredding sensitive documents. This is beneficial in two ways. First, shredder will always keep you safe from identity theft issues and frauds. Second one is, this is an Eco friendly action. Many people do not think in this way. Before few months about 3000 pound documents were destructed in a shredding event at Newport beach. After calculation it is concluded that about 13 trees are saved in that event. This is a really big thing. Now you can imagine that how many trees can be saved by doing a little thing. I always suggest all the people to use shredders.


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