Recycle Week 2012

Recycle Week 2012 runs from 18th to 24th June

­­­Happy Recycle WeekThe Recycling Week Banner outside Wandsworth Town Hall

If you went past the Town Hall this morning you may have noticed a banner outside its Waste Management office.

It's in honour of Recycle Week.

Wandsworth's "orange" recycling system (orange sacks for houses; orange-lidded banks for flats) takes juice cartons, telephone directories, ice cream tubs, deodorant cans, pet food tins, jam jars and more...

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There are 3 responses to “Recycle Week 2012”

  1. Steve Morgan Says:

    Environmental Computer Recycling can recycle old PCs and Laptops at no charge

  2. Carey Ostrer Says:

    Latest household recycling figures for Wandsworth show a small increase which is good, but still 71.5% of waste is not recycled, and Wandsworth has the lowest household recycling rate out of all neighbouring boroughs. It seems as if incineration is your preferred choice? So-called waste to energy. But this is not the greenest way of disposing of waste. The announcement that you are shortly to take recycling sacks out of Libraries is, it would appear, aimed at estates flats dwellers who have to make do with a less than satisfactory service. Not enough recycling containers, which are also dirty, recycling overflowing because collections are not frequent enough,etc. In terms of recycling sacks, most people using large communal recycling bins do so in same way as when they place waste, they take it out when they are going, particularly if they live on upper floors, instead of making a separate journey. Reusable bags encourage you to make a seperate journey unless you want to carry your (emptied) reusable bag with to work or other. 60% of us in Wandsworth live in flats so the difference in service between houses and flats means a massive amount of wasted opportunity for recycling - only houses have the luxury of disposable orange sacks, and yet you know that this simple way to recycle produces the biggest results. There is also a larger amount of non-recyclable items being put in to recycling containers which means that you cannot recycle properly. You had 2 pages in the August edition of Brightside dedicated to recycling. But you failed to list recyclable items - Directing people to a website address when you could have a photographic list of items, again a wasted opportunity! Every neighbouring borough including those with a large amount of flats do better at recycling than Wandsworth, so Lambeth, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea are all better at it - can you learn from them? When is Wandsworth going to shine in household recycling? You don't publish Business recycling rates so I cant judge those!

  3. Recycling Team Says:

    Dear Carey,

    I have just noticed your comment and would like to provide further information.

    The statement “71.5% of waste is not recycled” is not the case, since metals are extracted from post-incineration material. The bottom ash itself is also used to make things like breeze blocks. When including these, our recycling rate is over 40% rather than the 28.5% stated in Brightside. Another benefit of incineration (a relatively recent switch) from landfill is the substantial reduction in carbon costs.

    The way neighbouring boroughs calculate household waste arisings is different. It could be argued Wandsworth’s reporting is more accurate since we do not co-collect commercial and domestic waste, then estimate the proportion of each; we collect only household waste.

    Removing recycling sacks from libraries should not affect estates, as sacks are intended for use by those on kerbside collections only. People living on estates have communal orange-lidded recycling banks. The decision to remove sacks from libraries is mainly based on the amount of unaccounted-for sacks, costing the council tens of thousands of pounds.

    Regarding listing recyclable items, there is not always space to repeat information in Brightside, however we have printed icons in the past and will again in future. You will find a list on recycling leaflets (in libraries and leisure centres) as well as on each orange recycling sack.

    I hope that was useful.

    Kind regards,

    Sophie (Waste Services).