Recycle Week 2016 (Mon 12 - Sun 18 September)

With Recycle Week 2016 taking place between 12 and 18 September, Wandsworth Council is urging residents to think of the ‘unusual suspects’ which more often than don’t make it into the recycling bin.  And if you complete a Golden Ticket when you recycle, you could win £500 and get to nominate a local community group to receive £2,500!

While most people remember to recycle plastic drinks bottles; food and drinks cans;, cardboard boxes and newspapers, other recyclables are missing out, more often than not because they aren’t associated with recycling. These are the ‘unusual suspects’ and by remembering to add them to the recycling, eco -conscious residents could do even more to help the environment.

In the bathroom alone there are toilet roll tubes; empty toothpaste and tissue boxes and plastic bottles which once contained beauty products, such as shampoo and hair conditioner

In the kitchen, washing up liquid bottles; soap dispensers; bleach bottles and spray cleaners can all be recycled, as long as people remember to remove lids, trigger spray and pump dispenser tops, as these aren’t currently recycled.

Recycling Around the Home Top Tips

·         Put bags, bins or boxes in your bathroom, bedroom and living room for recycling as well as your kitchen.

·         Remember to recycle baby products such as plastic talcum powder bottles and men’s toiletries like shaving gel aerosols.

·         Rinse all food and drinks containers before recycling them.  You can do this using your washing-up water.

·         Remember to remove and put trigger spray and pump dispenser tops in with your general rubbish. 

·         Squash cans and bottles and flatten boxes to save space in your clear recycling sack or orange-lidded bank.

·         Recycle all newspapers and envelopes from your living room.

·         All cardboard packaging from online orders can be recycled.

·         We don’t collect crisp packets, polystyrene, bread wrapping, plastic bags, toys or other plastic films for recycling, so please leave these in your general waste.  The only types of plastic that should be included in Wandsworth’s clear sacks and orange-lidded recycling banks are plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

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