Sharing and free exchange websites

How to get rid of things you don't want and get things you do want for free, whilst helping others at the same time!

Whether it’s your home, car, pets or possessions, it seems sharing is all the rage these days and many items people used to take to the tip or pay to have collected and disposed of are now being given away.  You don’t need to buy a tent, drill, bike pump, ladder, spade, blow-up bed… (the list is endless) when you can borrow or even be given one locally.  And you don’t need to pay to have something taken away as waste or spend ages taking it to the tip if someone who wants it will happily collect it for free.

All this sharing and free exchange is enabled by websites such as Freecycle, Freegle, Streetbank and Streetlife.  Some (including Freecycle and Freegle) focus on free exchange, some (like Streetbank) also include lending and borrowing whilst for others (such as Streetlife), lending and giving locally is just one element of their main community networking function. 

Check the Council’s full list of free exchange and lending/borrowing websites.

Aside from the thousands of pounds these sites are saving their users, every tonne of waste they prevent saves the Council £142, helping to protect services and keep Council Tax low.

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