Wandsworth Work and Play Scrap Store

Find out about their Wandsworth Fringe Arts Festival activities and/or join a tour of the Scrap Store...

Tooting's Work and Play Scrapstore has been especially busy in the run up to the Wandsworth Fringe Arts Festival (1st-17th May). Using only left-over fabric and junk destined for the scrapheap or incineration, they've made a magical Wishing Tree which will be part of the Pied Piper Story-telling festival taking place next weekend on Tooting Bec common, before being repurposed for maximum green-ness as a tree of remembrance to mark the anniversary of the V2 bombing.

The Scrapstore itself will be running tours throughout the whole of the Fringe, along with workshops showing how you can use everyday household waste like paper, bottle tops, and old fabric to make sensational works of art.

Find out more about the Scrapstore's Fringe activities here. 

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