Green Wandsworth Radio Show- 7pm Monday 26th January: Recycling in Wandsworth

This new, internet-based community radio station is being run by local volunteers and features a "Green Wandsworth" show from 7pm every Monday supported by the Wandsworth Eco Fund. This evening's theme is "Recycling in Wandsworth".

Ever wondered what happens to your waste, how your mixed recycling is sorted or how recycling helps to keep your Council Tax low? Then tune in to the Green Wandsworth Show this evening.  The show is hosted by Georgina Stevens, a local resident and sustainability expert.  Georgina will be joined this evening by Michael Singham, Wandsworth Council’s Waste Strategy Manager who has been involved with developing the Council’s recycling services since 1997 and will be on hand answering questions.

Get more information about and tune in to Wandsworth Radio.


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