Is your area Transitioning?

On Monday evening Transition Town Tooting held a meeting to catch up on their many projects and plans over a cup of Tooting-grown elderflower cordial.

Transition Town Tooting

Transition Town Tooting (TTT) and Transition Town Wandsworth (TTW) are active resident-run organisations working to make their local surroundings greener and more carbon efficient in the face of peak oil and climate change, using their diverse communities' shared skills and knowledge.

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This year's agenda

elderflower cordial made from elderberry plants grown in TootingWhen I sat down with some members of Transition Town Tooting at their steering group meeting yesterday evening the first thing the Chair did was offer me a cup of elderflower cordial made from elderberry plants grown in Tooting (pictured).

Belinda's view of being a TTT member is that she's working as part of a whole which is taking action to address issues which matter to her. It's fun and she can contribute as much or as little as she likes.

The group encourages people to get involved in whichever area their interests lie. Charlotte came fresh from working on the community garden, Hilary helps with social networking, Tim is training to lead "Carbon Conversations" and Lucy, the co-chair of TTT has a devotion to the arts, and plays a big part in arranging events like last year's Trashcatcher's Carnival.  

Just some of the projects they're working on:

  • Carbon conversations
  • Beekeeping
  • Community gardening

Keep up with TTT via the blog:

Take part

There is an open meeting on the first Tuesday of every month for anyone who wants to attend. These meetings are themed and interactive. The last one involved games based on seasonal food, and the next is 5 July in the Christian Education Centre. Details of all future TTT open meetings.

A successful legacy: the Trashcatcher's Carnival

One of TTT's most notable achievements is last year's Trashcatcher's Carnival. With the support of schools, local organisations, councillors and community groups TTT overcame multiple hurdles including a refused road closure request in order to stage the cycle-powered procession proudly along Upper Tooting Road. It was a huge success, with all sorts turning up to create art, music and theatre using recycled materials, including one million plastic bottles and shopping bags.

This year there will be a celebration picnic to mark the anniversary of their success and talk about new plans for Tooting.

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