Paper and glass recycling promotion

12,000 households receiving the clear sack recycling service are being targeted over the next two months to encourage them to recycle all their paper, card and glass bottles and jars.

The Council has secured external funding to help increase the amount of paper, card and glass low-rise residents put in their clear recycling sacks and to help ensure they don’t put the wrong things in too!  The money is being used to fund a campaign to target 12,000 properties across Wandsworth commencing on 29th December and continuing until the end of February 2015. 

The campaign will include two separate leaflets promoting glass and paper recycling delivered to all households on the targeted collection rounds as well as panels in the same style as the leaflets on the side of collection vehicles in those areas and posters. 

The Council estimates that households receiving the clear sack recycling service already recycle around 80% of their suitable paper, card and glass saving around £1.3m in disposal costs annually.  But that still leaves the remaining 20% in their dustbins and rubbish sacks.  If included in their clear sacks, recycling this material would save another £337,000 annually.  The targeted rounds were chosen as they recycle a relatively low proportion of their waste when compared to other low-rise collection rounds.

Residents are urged to recycle all their paper, card and cardboard in their clear sacks (or orange-lidded recycling banks for high-rise households) with the exception of shredded and/or wet paper.  All glass bottles and jars can be recycled too but broken glass should not be included in the clear sacks to reduce the risk of spillage and/or injury to collection staff.

This project is funded by WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme). WRAP helps individuals, businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and recycle more, making better use of resources and helping to tackle climate change.

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