International "Plastic bag free day" Thursday 3rd July

Thursday 3rd July is international plastic bag free day.  This is the perfect time to make a Green Pledge to avoid using more of them by taking a bag with you when you go shopping.  If you do pledge to avoid carrier bags and would like a free cloth bag (featuring the slogan "This is my pledge") to help you stick to it, please email (subject to stocks).

Remember that plastic carrier bags can be recycled at large supermarkets along with clean plastic packaging films bearing this logo:






Please also remember that the only types of plastic that can be included in clear recycling sacks and orange-lidded recycling banks are plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays.  Any food remains should be rinsed off and tops/lids should be removed and disposed of with your general rubbish.

With thanks for your recycling efforts!

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