Real Nappy Week 2014 – Go Real and Save!

Real Nappy Week starts Monday 28th April. If you have or are expecting a baby, read on to find out about the environmental benefits and financial savings you can achieve through using real rather than disposable nappies.

Using real nappies saves money for both parents and the Council. For every year a baby is in nappies, he or she will need nearly 2,000 nappy changes. With potty training averaging at two and a half years, that is nearly 5,000 nappies per child.  And at an average cost of 16p per disposable, that's around £800 on nappies per child!

Investing in real nappies costs well under half that amount and even less if you buy them secondhand.  The savings for parents can be huge if they then use them for more than one child.  And each child using real nappies saves over £200 in avoided waste disposal costs!

It is not just the community that benefits, but the wider environment as well. Reports have shown that a 40% carbon saving can be made through using reusable nappies compared to using disposables- and yes that includes the washing!

If you are inspired to try Real Nappies, view the Council's real nappy web page or contact Go Real (the national campaign to promote real nappies).   to find out more. You can make the change to save and go real! Or check our events page, to find a local event near you

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