Transition Town Tooting: Three practical local projects you can join (all welcome)

Find out about what Transition Town Tooting are doing to reduce carbon impacts and improve local air quality, along with how to get involved.

 1)   Furzedown Low Carbon Zone

The next planning meetings are on 8th May and 3rd June in Furzedown...please come along if you would like to be involved at this stage.  Email Transition Town Tooting (TTT) for further information.

They had a productive monthly planning meeting last week - please see the minutes and actions here.

In outline they're at the stage of visiting local partners to explore sites where there is space and interest to be involved by 'hosting' renewable energy generation equipment - whatever technology is appropriate - and sharing in the benefits.

A second stage will be to engage with local people who can become involved as co-owners of a community generation scheme. The Furzedown Festival in June is a target for that, certainly for informal sharing of the project.

2)   Eighth series of TTT’s 'Carbon Conversations' meetings

TTT will be offering a free series of local Carbon Conversations from the 19th May to early July this year. Running on Monday evenings, this will be a set of six participative meetings which enable individuals to discuss, understand and take control of their carbon footprint, and work out ways to reduce energy consumption and expenses.

It's a very engaging and practical set of meetings which will cover home energy, food, travel and transport, and general consumption of 'stuff'.

To get involved or for more information, email TTT.

3)   'Cleaner Air 4 Communities' Project

This project brings citizen science and local action to the challenge of measuring and advocating for clean air. This toolkit describes some of the steps that can be taken by a community group and includes a brief case study on the Battersea Society’s work on air pollution levels at Clapham Junction.  TTT hope to use this to improve air quality in Tooting.  Please email the Furzedown Low Carbon Zone project for more information.

All local residents are welcome to join in with these three projects!

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