Break the Bag Habit

Pledge to avoid single-use carrier bags.

Pledge to avoid single-use shopping bags here.

And make other green pledges, including taking a re-usable bag with you when shopping here.

Single use bags are one of the UK's most visually intrusive and damaging litter items blighting our environment. A 2013 Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch survey found over 48 single use plastic bags for every km of beach surveyed. The average person uses 133 bags annually, equating to a staggering 224 bags given out in shops and supermarkets every second. The majority of these bags are plastic and don’t biodegrade.  If not disposed of responsibly, they fragment into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic and can endanger marine ecosystems and micro-organisms. 

The first 10 residents pledging to take a re-usable bag with them when shopping will receive a free re-usable cloth shopping bag marked “This is my pledge”.

If you do accumulate unwanted carrier bags, remember to recycle them at local supermarkets, along with plastic packaging films bearing the “Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores” logo.


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