Wandsworth recycling survey feedback

In November 2013 a team of recycling advisors knocked on 15,000 local homes to help them use their recycling services correctly and survey their recycling behaviour. Findings from the survey have now been received...

90% of residents surveyed said that they recycle using their clear recycling sacks or orange-lidded banks.  Of these residents, 96% recycle paper & card, 88% recycle plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays, 86% recycle glass bottles and jars, 82% recycle food/drinks cartons, 80% recycle food/drinks cans but only 32% recycle empty aerosols.  But many recyclers also included things they shouldn't in their recycling: 19% included plastic films & carrier bags, 8% included shredded paper, 4% included food waste/soiled food packaging and 4% included foil.

Of those receiving the clear sack recycling service that said they didn't use it, 62.7% said the main reason was "no sacks" or "sacks not delivered".  All these households should get 90 sacks delivered automatically every year.  If they run out, they can order more online.  Alternatively, additional sacks can be collected from the Town Hall.  If you have problems getting enough recycling sacks, please let us know

22.6% of non-recycling residents served by orange-lidded recycling banks said they didn't use them due to a lack of sacks.  Whilst the clear recycling sacks are only for low-rise households, residents using these banks can request a re-usable orange recycling bag

Encouragingly, 83% of residents said they are either "very" or "quite" satisfied with their recycling services.

For everything you ever wanted to know about recycling in Wandsworth, please visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/recycling.

With thanks for all your recycling efforts!

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