European Week for Waste Reduction: Sat 16th Nov - Sat 24th Nov

The European Week for Waste Reduction aims to raise awareness about waste reduction and encourage people to take positive action to reduce their waste across Europe. 

Did you know it now costs £145/tonne just to dispose of the general rubbish the Council collects from local households?  This is the cost of getting it from the local waste transfer station in Smugglers Way Wandsworth and burning it at the energy-from-waste incinerator in belvedere, Bexley, via river barges.  So every tonne of general rubbish avoided saves £145, helping to protect vital services and keeping Council Tax low.  Find out how to reduce waste.

And as mixed recycling costs under £25 to process, every additional tonne of recycling diverted from general rubbish saves over £120!  Find out everything you ever wanted to know about recycling in Wandsworth.

But remember, putting the wrong things in your mixed recycling cost the Council nearly £170/tonne to deal with- firstly to sort it out from the other recycling materials and then to dispose of it.  Check what you can and can't include in your mixed recycling

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