Green Open Homes roadshow- Free event Thurs, 31 October

The Green Open Homes team are hitting the road to show communities across England the benefits of running a low carbon open homes event.

Come and chat to the Green Open Homes team about the benefits, possibilities and practicalities of running an event in Wandsworth. The session is free and will last around four hours, but you can attend as much or as little as you like. You'll have a chance to learn from successful open homes event organisers, pick up guidance and network with other groups, as well as hearing about other inspiring community energy projects.

This event is being run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy.  Refreshments included!

Where & when: 12-4pm, Thursday 31st October, Islington Ecology Centre, London N5.

To register: Go to provides a searchable directory of open homes events across the country, where organisers can upload the details of their event to a national audience. isn't just a directory - there are also around 20 resources to help community groups start up and run an open homes event.



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