Recycling Plastic Packaging in Wandsworth

This Green Blog details how to recycle plastic packaging in Wandsworth and was researched by Brit Peacock on behalf of Wandsworth Council and the eco-packaging manufacturer Rajapack.

Wandsworth Council accepts plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in recycling sacks and orange-lidded banks for mixed materials, but carrier bags and thin film packaging cannot be included. 

Residents can however recycle plastic bags at most large supermarkets - and some forms of thin plastic packaging can now also be left at the plastic bag recycling points of the following supermarkets:

● Sainsbury's ● Tesco ● Asda ●Waitrose ●Morrisons ● The Co-operative

The Sainsbury's store in Garratt Lane is just one convenient place at which Wandsworth residents can now recycle plastic bags and some other forms of thin plastic packaging including:

● breakfast cereal bags ● bread bags ● other bags and films for packaging household goods and grocery produce ● multi-pack shrink film ● newspaper and magazine wrap

Thin film packaging suitable for recycling can be identified by one of the following labels:

To be suitable for recycling, plastic packaging films must not be metalised or bio-degradable and must not have paper labels or significant food residues.

Recycling plastic bags and film packaging is important due to the high cost of disposing of it and its impacts on the environment when it becomes litter. 

A Green Paper on plastics released by the European Commission in March highlighted the fact that we use the equivalent of 200 carrier bags per person annually. Thin plastic packaging also counts for a large amount of waste, making up 43% of all plastic household packaging and weighing in at 645,000 tonnes each year.

In a world of finite fossil fuels this is clearly an unsustainable and unacceptable waste of energy.

Residents of Wandsworth can do their bit to protect the environment and help conserve natural resources by taking plastic bags and recyclable thin film packaging to their nearest large Sainsbury's, Tesco, Co-operative, Waitrose, Morrisons, or Asda store.

It is a good idea to avoid making special trips to the recycling point and instead drop off plastic waste during a regular grocery shop - this avoids using more energy through car fuel consumption than you will save by recycling the plastic.

Don't forget that plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can be recycled in the Council's clear (formerly orange) sacks and orange-lidded recycling banks.   For full details of what can be included, check our What can be recycled from home page.

Research by Brit Peacock on behalf of eco-packaging manufacturer Rajapack

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    Though government has banned the usage of plastic bags, but a large number of plastic containers and bags are used on a daily basis. Plastic waste is the major contributing factor for increased water and soil pollution. However, plastic recycling offers one of the best solutions to the increased plastic waste in the environment. In plastic recycling process, the waste is broken down in scrap and it is used to recover usable material for the manufacturing industry. Plastic contain a large number of resins and complex chemical structures that are used to create new fibers.


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