Recycle Week 2013

Recycle Week 2013 runs from Monday 17 to Sunday 23 June.

Recycle Week 2013 runs from Monday 17 to Sunday 23 June and is celebrating its 10th birthday.

Over the last 10 years, Wandsworth's population has risen by 15%, but the quantity of municipal waste has fallen by 20%, saving £3.5m annually in avoided waste disposal costs!

And the proportion of Wandsworth's waste that is recycled has risen from 10% to 26% (or 46% if metals and aggregates recovered for recycling from Wandsworth's incinerated residual waste is counted too).  This increase is further reducing waste disposal costs by around £1.9m annually!

The Council remains keen to enable residents to recycle more and to increase the quality of recycling by reducing levels of contamination (things in recycling sacks and banks that shouldn't have been put there).

With thanks for all your waste reduction and recycling efforts!

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