Statement of Community Involvement

Public Consultation on the draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI sets out how the public, businesses and local groups can get involved in local and neighbourhood planning and the planning application decision-making process, and how the council will consult with them.

Wandsworth Council has updated its SCI, which was last reviewed in 2012, and which sets out how and when the community and other stakeholders can engage and participate in planning, and how the Planning Service will undertake consultation. The main changes from the adopted SCI have been to acknowledge the technological developments such as the wider role of social media in communication and consultation, and more information on  localism/neighbourhood planning.

The draft SCI was approved at Executive Committee (paper number 18-316) on Monday 8 October 2018 for consultation and this will take place for a period of six weeks, from 30 October to 11 December 2018.

Download the Draft Statement of Community Involvement (October 2018).

Download the adopted Statement of Community Involvement (December 2012).


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